2009, 2000&MINE, 2000&FINE……..

The boys in the Valley of a Thousand Hills have kicked off the New Year – Dusi style.


Excellent rains have fallen in the correct watersheds, to allow for some real productive river trips. My fear of lack of river knowledge for my top 50 hopefuls has been laid to rest.


Typical Day to date in 2009

4am      – wake up

5.30am – meet at Nagle Dam, load boats

6.30am – start paddling on river

10.30am  - finish tripping session

10.35am  - peanut butter & banana sandwich feed

12’o’clock  - arrive back at Nagle Dam


I advise the not so confident out of province Silver hopefuls, to hook up behind one of the ‘change a life’ boys to show you the lines through Confluence, and the big three – Gum Tree, Tommie, Hippo. If there was a Toll Gate on the 2nd Saddles to Umfula Store section, we would be bankrupt; we have done it so many times. What pleases me is that the guys are starting to understand the importance of observing the water levels along the way so that they know what to expect up ahead. For example there is a marker rock paddling around the gum tree at the start of the Confluence Rapids which will tell you what to do at Washing Machine.







Day Three will be interesting due to no paddlers being able to trip whatsoever. Good news is that Inanda Dam is filling fast and could be overflowing soon.





Magnificent storm klapped Maritzburg/Durban last night, with the Dusi flood waters reaching Mission by sun rise. I jumped on at Earnie Pearce with some mates and floated down to Low Level Bridge today(rest day for the boys). Stable boat to handle the turbulent chocolate waters would have made things easier, free for all choosing your line.



Tomorrow we will trip from Campbells Checkpoint to Umfula Store. Down here in the Dusi valley

Seven linked over there additional schools are currently waiting for accreditation and could increase the percentage

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