DUSI FEVER – out of control….


With a day to go before the big race, there is nothing you can do now regarding race prep, except to patiently let the minutes tick by – with your feet up on the Couch, lying in the horizontal postion, devising a race strategy that will get you to the finish in your quickest time possible. For some (Lucas & Mmeli), that race strategy will have input from what went wrong whilst practicing….


In theory that is….
Reality has it, that most (Change a Life included) are running around still trying to get their ‘ducks in a row’. Right now I am fixing broken paddles to have them ready as spares, half filling 25l water containers to put in the chest freezer (tomorrow morning you add water to the frozen half and you have instant iced water available), replacing torn splash covers from the weekends race and so it goes on….

But now its the time of truth, where what you put in, is what you’ll get out.

Race predictions: Race favourites Andrew Birkett and Jason Graham have done their usual ‘flying under the Radar’, where none of their competitors have been able to match themselves against this formidable crew – why? because they have not raced against anyone, thus not showing what their true potential is. Which worked perfectly against Ant Stott & Michael Mbanjwa in the last doubles Dusi, as they completely under-estimated their opponents.

‘Change a Life’ Sibonelo Zondi  & Thulani Mbanjwa are undoubtly the fastest crew on land and because they can hold their own on the water too (10th at the 2011 World Marathon Champs in Singapore), makes them an extremely dangerous combination. However stringing 3 perfect days in a row, will be the fate that decides whether they will be crossing the finish line first at Blue Lagoon, come Saturday.

Hank Mc Gregor & Len Jenkins by the mere fact that they have both won Dusi single titles, makes them a threat for the top of the podium, not too mention their list of amazing achievements on the water. However if you cannot recover 100% after Campbells portage, with the ‘Hole in the Wall’ extra, to put full power into the paddle, then you ain’t gonna claim numero uno in this unique Canoe race of running & paddling.

Other top 5 position crews are Shaun Rubenstein (currently still holds the Junior Dusi record) and Steve Farrel(fastest runner without a boat), Craig Turton (Non-Stop Dusi winner) and legend surfski paddler Jasper Mocke, and Lance Kime & Change a life Kwanda Mhlophe.

Ibis to Diptank:Winners Jasper Mocke & Craig Turton and second place – Lance Kime & CAL Kwanda Mhlophe

Then the bun fight for the much sought after Top Ten Gold Medals will be the ‘Change a Life’ crews of the Cele Brothers (winners of the Campbells to Dusi Bridge Race), Lucas Mthalane & Mmeli Cele, Thomas Ngidi(3rd overall in 2010 Dusi) & John Ngcobo, Biggs Brothers, the Trautman Brothers and Piers Cruikshanks and Mike Stewart.

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