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    Change a Life Richard Cele punching through a huge ‘Stopper Wave’ – with his backseat partner, John Ngcobo under the water.

Hard work pays off – Richard Cele and John Ngcobo, both from ‘Change a Life’ in the Valley of a Thousand Hills, pulled off an amazing victory in Gauteng’s final Canoe Race of the year – the Belloord Canoe race, hosted by Florida Lake Canoe Club.

This race was not for the faint hearted as it involved 25km of paddling on a tricky Klip River and two portages adding up to 5km. To many canoesists, portages are torturous – sending your Heart rate through the roof. But it is here that the ‘Change a Life’ paddlers come into their own – they have maderunning with a canoe their friend.

This is the first win for Rich & John and will no doubt be a huge motivation for their Dusi 2012 onslaught,  where they going for that coveted Gold medal top 10 position. Plus, you can customize email notifications that best parental control app for android go out to your customers using a simple wysiwyg drag-and-drop email builder