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    Change a Life Richard Cele punching through a huge ‘Stopper Wave’ – with his backseat partner, John Ngcobo under the water.

Hard work pays off – Richard Cele and John Ngcobo, both from ‘Change a Life’ in the Valley of a Thousand Hills, pulled off an amazing victory in Gauteng’s final Canoe Race of the year – the Belloord Canoe race, hosted by Florida Lake Canoe Club.

This race was not for the faint hearted as it involved 25km of paddling on a tricky Klip River and two portages adding up to 5km. To many canoesists, portages are torturous – sending your Heart rate through the roof. But it is here that the ‘Change a Life’ paddlers come into their own – they have maderunning with a canoe their friend.

This is the first win for Rich & John and will no doubt be a huge motivation for their Dusi 2012 onslaught,  where they going for that coveted Gold medal top 10 position.