Marts epic 2300km MTB journey from Pietermaritzburg to Cape Town started at 6am on Friday. Only 2 days on his cushy big saddle and he said the chaffe had already started to nibble his derriere. Apart from that and the gash on his bony shin he got whilst crossing the umko on day 1, he was still very ok yesterday as he asked if i’d managed to get most of his list done he’d written up before he left regarding his ‘Change a life’ Interschools XC running league race taking place this coming Saturday at Nagle Dam.
The Interschools Race will host 120 kids from the valley, running either a 4km loop, for the juniors, or an 8km for the seniors. The schools are truly competitive as the top 10 runners from the winning school get to relish a double meaty Spur burger with all the trimmings and a movie. For many of these kids its likely the first time out of the valley and most definitely the tastiest and most exciting spoiling ever imagined.

The progress of participants in the 2011 Freedom Challenge along theĀ  race trail can be tracked live on the event website
Twitter feeds are available through Just take the one that help me with my homework at is more convenient for you

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