Chatting with Mart this morning around 8:30, he was waiting for his second breakfast roll. (did he just blow his cover…is this just a 2week holiday?)They arrived at Rhodes around 2am this morning after a monster 4hr hike-a-bike onto the top of the Drakensberg escarpment and then a well earned descent down Naudes Nek into the small town of Rhodes. Leaving Rhodes after re-fuelling his tank, i was not expecting to hear from him till later tonight or maybe tomorrow morning, but a 1:30 lunch time call from a farm workers phone somewhere in the middle of no-where was just to let me know that his riding companion had broken his bike frame and they had no solution…yet! and since mart left his phone at an overnight stop a night or so ago  communication will be very scarce. But no news is good news! so i’ll just sleep tight…jeannie dreyer

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