Having trained my ‘Change a Life’ Zulus to a level that they can compete with the best, I thought 2011 should also be a year of giving those that have worked so hard, opportunities to experience the extraordinary.
The year started with a bang, with John Ntuli flying down to Cape Town on the weekend to compete in the Totalsports Challenge Terra Firma ( 50km Road Bike, 13km Road Run, 25km MTB, 9km Beach Run).


Huge Thanks to Alex Van Zyl, who fetched John from the airport, accommodated him and took care of his race logistics.
John hung in on the front bunch on the first 50km Road Bike leg, to come in 12sec off eventual winner Nico Pfitzenmaier. After a speedy transition, he sped off on the 13km Road Run, holding his own to come into the MTB transition still in the top 5. With the heat almost becoming unbearable, he tackled the Mtb, his favourite discipline. “I was working very hard, staying with the big boys, but then my back wheel burst. I bombed it a few times, but it kept going flat….,” said a despondent John afterwards.
Eventually he put a tube into the tyre, in order to be able to continue riding. “When I was fixing the puncture, the guys were just flying past, I think I was then coming twentieth”. He admitted afterwards that the MTB leg was the toughest of the four. John made up a few positions on the energy sapping 9km Beach Run, saying that it was the first time he has run on the beach. “with the waves crashing next to me, it was a lekker run, but the sand makes your legs get more tired than normal”.
Nico Pfitzenmaier of Germany took gold in the individual men’s category of the Terra Firma Challenge, crossing the finish line in an impressive time of 03hours54minutes09seconds. Adrian Enthoven came in second, while Rohan Kennedy finished third.

I believe John had an outside chance of making the podium, but now we will never know. What he learned was that Adversity  lies around every corner, and its how you deal with it thats important. Sure he was super disappointed, but I was pleased to see, he took it on the chin, dealt with it and never gave up. Too many times, athletes throw in the towel in situations like this.

According to Michael Meyer, Event Organiser, the 2011 Totalsports Challenge was a huge success. “We’ve seen tremendous growth in the Terra Firma Challenge, while the competition in the team category of the Totalsports Challenge has been an endless source of excitement each year. The Totalsports Challenge will celebrate its tenth anniversary in 2012 and we’re hoping to attract over 1000 entrants on the day,” says Meyer. Wurde im zuge der römischen invasion britanniens unter kaiser claudius londinium nutzlicher Link gegründet

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