I don’t consider myself much of a biker, having only really ever biked for adventure racing, (where there it’s usually more push-bike than riding), and with my focus on the Dusi canoe Marathon in January over the past years, it wasn’t possible to even consider training up for this Epic race. But, with the recent changes in my Dusi racing career which is allowing me to be more verstile with my racing, how could i decline an offer to ride for 8 consecutive days and be part of the biggest MTB stage race in the world, the Absa Cape Epic. I have heard how gruelling this race can be, so i am thrilled to finally be experiencing it for real…or am I?

 Albe, my cycling machine partner- psyching me up (me looking poep scared)

 Wearing a brave face…

Stage 1: 117km with 2190m ascent- from Diemersfontein, just outside Paarl, to Ceres, has been the furthest i have ever cycled. Having taken a very laid-back approach to the race, and found ourselves near the back of the 600-team (1200rider) starting shoot, we surprised ourselves with a 61 position finish yesterday. So the race is on… and we are fired  up for todays 90km stage around Ceres, which i have heard has plenty of incredible single-track and no doubt some ‘incredible’ climbs.

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