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With my ‘Change a Life’ Team currently taking a well earned break, I have used this time to take up some great opportunities giving motivational talks. Three stand out heads above the rest.

Was a real treat visiting the Blue Bulls, current Super 14 Champs, in the Bull ring at Loftus. Who would have thought a ‘scrawny’, non-conventional sportsman could offer motivation to the most ‘manly men’ on earth?

Lance Kumalo – head of Unilever Supply Chain for Ola

On my return to Durbs, I did a talk to Unilever at the new World Cup semi-final Moses Mabhida Stadium. The view from the peak of the arch made the ABSA stadium look like a feature from an ant’s village.

Garth from  Rentworks and Headmaster Mtshali from Phangindawo School 

Then I pitched my story to Rentworks, a company that will be starting next week to install  computer labs in two different schools (Masijabule High School and Phangindawo Junior School – which my Change a Life guys attend) down in the Valley of a Thousand Hills. Each Lab will have 30 computers, aircon and 24hr security. They will also train a tutor  (a Change a Life athlete), to oversee this classroom.                                

Sport Development is one thing, but following through to ‘Life Development’ is what it is all about. It’s always been a concern of mine how do I take my guys to this next level. Over the next two months, Rentworks will roll this program out to six Schools in the area. This is what warms my heart. 



Tom Ngcobo, no doubt my strongest paddler, left the valley on Friday to travel to the Drak Challenge with the other ‘Change a Life’ boys to have a fun outing as this is now their off-season, camping in Underberg. Yesterday, after the race Tom climbed into a different vehicle. A  brave decision which will change his Life forever. This vehicle was travelling to Jhb. Today he will catch a bus to Parys to the Likkewaan Canoe Club to be take up the offer  Chairman Saal de Jaager (ex springbok sprinter) has given him. Saal is passionate about getting Development going at the Club and wants Tom to lead this Initiative, coaching in the afternoons. Having a Security Company, he will train Tom for 6 months to be an Alarm Technician where he will earn a salary and have work going forward. Parys weekly Time Trial – watch out, things are about to be shaken up.

 Drak Results

Water level – perfect.

13th – Tom Ngcobo (3rd under 21)

18th – Lucas Mthalane

20th – Zonele Nzuza

25th – Mzamo Zondi (3rd Junior)

30th – Eric Zondi

43rd – Kwanda Mhlophe

1st Doubles – Skhumbuso Nigidi/Nhlanhla Cele


 Venue: NCC clubhouse

Accommodation: The Gables B&B

Fact: 23 Clubs around SA, pursuing ‘Canoe Development’

I invited the “Leaders in Development Canoeing” to attend a  two day course that I organised with the help of George Forder. I asked George Forder to facilitate this two day course.

We discussed at length as to what should be covered and in the end, decided ‘everything’, covering all aspects of Development from ‘A to Z’.

Such as:

  • Running of a Club- Constitution, committee election, finance….
  • Accountability, timeliness, etiquette….
  • Safety – CSA indemnity, Union Registration….
  • Rules for equipment use – Repair, responsibility….
  • Life Skills – Discipline, hard work, goal setting….
  • Training – Technique, paddling sessions…. 

The positive energy that emulated from the two days spent together was priceless. Those who had become despondent, were recharged from the fresh ideas and also the selfless commitment of the others.

The voluntary chatter of candidates during Tea and Lunch, taking advantage of this unique networking opportunity to gather information, was a true indication of their passion and commitment to their own initiatives

The comfortable accommodation was a real treat, making the weekend that much more professional. Especially considering that 80% of this course’s candidates are from a low income group and would otherwise never experience this.

Interestingly,  the most valuable information actually came from topics that became “open discussion”.

Special Guests

Fiona MacCrimmon – from SLOT (School Leavers Opportunity Training).Opportunity Training). 
Where do you want to go and what do you want to achieve?
  • Self management Skills
  • If you want to employ someone, need someone with….

      Interestingly, they came up with – +ve attitude, skills, knowledge,    

      sound track record, reliable, on time, think out box, honesty, passion,  

      hard worker, responsible.

1.      Donkey – Whip behind or carrot in front?

2.      Customise work role

3.      VICTOR – ownership, accountable, responsible

                        VICTIM – blame, excuses, denial.

 ·        John Oliver 

1.      CSA necessities…. Indemnity etc.

2.      Keep records – equipment list, how many paddles….

3.      Safety

4.      Correct numbers….

5.      Club colours

 ·        Craig Mustard

1.      Training technique

2.      Training programmes

3.      Training logs

 ·        Hugh Raw

1.      How to repair….

2.      Checklist….


Selection of Development paddlers for getting equipment from Club/going to races must be based on Attendance and Performance.  

  1. Every Club must establish hierarchial performance ladder by weekly recording 2000m time trial.
  2. Keep attendance register
  • Address concern of swimming ability – provide funding for swimming lessons
  • Nutrition assistance.
  • Assist to a greater level with daily ‘Development expenses’.
  • Need to host more such Educational Development Courses – very worthwhile to have all Development Leaders liasing on a personal level, encouraging and  sharing information.
  • Problem communicating with all Development leaders as many lack Internet Access.

Now the Development faction of Canoe SA has a voice… thanks to CSA for sponsoring this very worthwhile Development  Leadership Workshop.


The lower-end iphone, the iphone se, will continue to be sold at same pricing and configuration and the iphone 7 and iphone 7 plus will obviously take their positions at the top of apple’s smartphone lineup

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