‘Change a life’s’ African Champ and Triple Training on track

               Eric Zondi, Grant van der Walt, Thomas Ngidi, Nhlanhla Cele.

It seems some other world class paddlers are joining the world of multisport…? if this paddler has what he has to move a boat so sweetly on water, then his bike ain’t going to touch the ground much. 

So far real Dusi training has been on hold with the focus being on the Triple ‘Ironman’. It has been great to expose my ‘Change a life’ team to multisport and this diversity allows for goal-setting throughout the year as well as adding continuous exposure for and value to the sponosorship package.

Tom Ngobo is back after a very successful Africa Champs. On being selected for the SA development team to compete in the Ivory Coast, Tom’s commitment and dediction to training jumped to a new level. He is by far my strongest paddler, (I just wish I could say the same for his running, with Dusi in mind. But then again, these valley boys are great at pulling occassional ‘rabbits out of hats’). Tom’s 2nd in the 500m and 3rd in the 1000m at Africa Champs was well deserved.

Triple Challenge training hit its peak this weekend. After a few quality sessions during last week, myself and 6 of my guys joined Max Cluers pre-race mtb-course recce ride from Camperdown to Inanda Dam. This 52km cycle route has seen many changes since the start of this multisport event, and I think they have now established a pretty unique off-road route. (Previously it was quite possible to race this course with slick tyres as majority of the ride followed tar roads). On one section of remaining tar, I did have to stop for my warriors to check out the Comrades Wall-of-Fame, (a race i am certain many of them will do one-day when they are old but still as light and as fit as ever).

A 200m hike-a-bike section joins the competitors onto an awesome single-track that winds its way down into the Inanda Dam valley and onto the final section of the course which runs along the edge of the Dam and which has three ‘stings in the tail’- well worth saving a little bit of legs for these three ‘speed-bumps’.

Having said 6 of my boys made the training ride, I was surprisingly impressed by Zonele, who hadn’t got the message about our departure time from the valley to the start of this recce ride so missed the bus, but on arriving at Inanda Dam there he was having made his own way there following the course of the Dusi on his trusty 2-wheeled steed.

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