11AM. PARK STATION, PRETORIA: 1 Luxury Rovos Rail Steam Train. 72 Road Bikes and 72 Corporates, (as I thought, ‘like lambs to the slaughter’). This was as real as a scene from a movie, and as such movies go, the start of the Mystery Train Tour.

Computershare’s annual fundraiser for their ‘Change a life’ Trust was about to unfold more magically than the last, but as usual with the most incredible red carpet treatment imaginable. This however all comes at a ‘small’ price… 4 days of bum-chaffe, sweat  and gears – which certainly earns the honest man his meals and unwinding-time.

Mysteries remain mysteries, as I am still uncertain of where we cycled on the final day. None of the previous days were a clue to the next day as the train can travel up to 700km at night. Having found ourselves entering the Oranje Volkstaat (with their Koeksister Monument) on the very first day, cycling the full circumference of Gariep Dam on day two and waking up on day three within the boarders of Lesotho (not forgetting having to ascend 2300m of ‘God-help-us Pass’, under our own steam), there wasn’t any connected pattern of travel apart from the railway line.

If it hadn’t been for my boys then I wouldn’t have realized the enormity of the back-up squad which kept the tour rolling smoothly. A while ago, Computershare asked if three of my strong warriors would be happy to assist during the event, moving, carrying, unloading, packing… and of course they would be able to eat and (gym) and rest well in the most luxurious accommodation far beyond their wildest  dreams. The process of having, Lucas, Kwanda and Bhetwel issued with passports before the event was well worth the long queues and frustratingly busy government departments, as they were exposed to ‘a world’ very few people experience.   

But soon it became apparent that for some games and their associated on-screen tasks, the new, physical method of control was neither advantageous, nor desirable

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