HOME TURF…Jeep Msinsi Nagle Dam

During my interview with Max at the race, i said i was a little sad that a race takes place at MY best kept secret training location, Nagle Dam, home to my ‘Change a Life’ team of warriors.

But it is a magic place that outdoor junkies must experience.

There were a number of bonuses for this Jeep Msinsi’s venue: Firstly, it was a real treat for my boys to get to lie in on the morning before the race and walk to the start line from their homes. Secondly, the logistics for me were a huge pleasure and i felt more relaxed than past race days. Thirdly, Shayne Vervoort from our sponsors, HI-TEC, was able to witness our Change a Life ‘operation’ and get to see exactly where his shoes are put to the test.

My boys took up their place right on the start-line and bolted at the sound of the Vuvuzela. Eric took the run lead straight away and built on it throughout the tough 5km’s of up-and-down. A number of my boys followed in hot pursuit of their team member and took off on the bike hoping that they would be able to keep ahead of far more experienced and strong multisporters such as, JP van der Linde, Trevor Hellens and Andrew Birkett. It wasn’t far out of trainsition that Eric started battling with his bike gears which plagued him for the rest of the 20km cycle leg, throwing him out of contention for a top ten finish. Lucas, with his give-all racing attitude rode steady till the transition and paddled home to 7th position and as my top ‘Change a Life’ finisher. Zonele 8th, Kwanda 9th and Nhlanhla 13th, all finished within 4min of Lucas’s finishing time.








Thomas, taking it easy from a slight niggle, raced as a two person team with a young guy i spotted running in the valley a week or so ago and finished 2nd in their category. Thomas’s mom and sister were so excited to be able to see exactly what Thomas gets up to on the weekends and why he spends his time training at the dam.

Many of the boys that live close to Nagle and paddle train at the dam were inspired by their mates taking part in a ‘foreign’ multisport event and are all super keen to give ‘such a hard sport’ a go.



Februar 2016 um 20 51 beobachter, bitte vorsichtig, sie hausarbeit schreiben versuchen schon wieder, eine gegenstimme zu diffamieren und zum verstummen zu bringen

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