Early mornings, late afternoons, max heart rate, lung burning interval sessions – day in, day out, for four months. Peaking your body for the race of your life, laying it all on the line. Giving it your all in the race, achieving beyond your goals. 


Now what… post race blues set in. 

I have had this experience over and over. The harder, the bigger the race, the deeper the post race blues. None as bad as after the Land Rover G4 Challenge 2006 – 4 weeks of racing across four countries, Thailand, Laos, Brazil & Bolivia, against 17 individuals from around the world.

Having  supper together at the Boulder Creek Spur in Maritzburg on Monday evening helped ease the blues(generously sponsored by Duncan Paul). Boy, did the guys gorge themselves. Huge chocolate milkshakes to start, double cheese burgers, coke and then to top it off with ice-cream for desert.




I have been communicating with the Computershare – ‘Change a life’ execs and have got the green light to carry the program through to Drak Challenge, with Non-Stop Dusi as a stepping stone for some.



Thereafter I have a new goal going forward with targets to hit along the way, but still need project approval before I make any noise about it.


Thanks to all those that have helped along the way.

Computershare – ‘Change a life’.


Hi-Tec – Trail running shoes.

USN – Muscle Fuel and Cytopower – train harder, recover quicker.

Fritz – use of his Land Cruiser for tripping, accommodation and his driver Khanyile, for Dusi.

Nigel Payne – payment for extra canoes.
Kayak Center – 10 strong bash boats for tripping and 10 light racing snake boats for Dusi.
Garmin – Forerunner 305, nowhere to hide, keeping it honest in training.
Orka Paddles – 10 reliable blades to get the job done.

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2 Responses to “POST DUSI BLUES….”

  • Liz Stapelberg:

    You go guys! The sky is the limit and if everyone stays focused and committed you can do it!!

  • james tutton:

    Martin – Please contact me. I have 1 boat to immediately donate to the Academy (Mustang old shape) and another after Drak (Musting slimline). Rgds James Tutton 082 442 5136/
    Both boats in Durban

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