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Dusi fever reaches a high in Maritzburg, with 50 Miler last week and now three more races back to back, all on the Dusi river (Dash & Crash K1and K2 today, Campbells to Dusi Bridge tomorrow).

The Wasp Nite Race took place yesterday evening in drizzle wintery conditions. Consisting of 4 big laps on the Drift, with three slip & slide floodlit muddy 200m portages. There is always a frenetic panic at the take out and put in of the portages, great entertainment for spectating.

The mens podium positions were already signed and sealed 10 min after the start when Shaun Rubinstein, Michael Arthur and Mark Mulder made a clear break. Bungi took himself out of the equation when he forgot to tighten the little screw that locks onto the cable on the rudder wheel whilst replacing his rudder cable yesterday. This resulted in him having no steering until he managed to get a screw driver and  ‘Mc Giver the problem. Surprisingly coming to the end sprint Mike kicked, Rubi could not respond and so King Arthur reigned supreme. Rubi said afterwards that his seat came loose.

Further back, Bungi led the ‘change a life’ second bunch of Nkosi (5th), Eric (6th) & Tom (7th) across the line. A few positions later, Lucas edged ahead of Nhlanhla. Unlike Zonele (13th at 50 Miler), he finished amongst the girls, and said he felt flat,flat, flat. Abie Adie showed superb form winning the girls, closely followed by Robyn Kime.


My evening highlight was watching the kiddies/guppy 400m race which took place during the main event. Some of the guys were seriously little, but fearless. Multiple Dusi gold medalist, Jabu Leslie’s little boy was priceless. Every stroke, he caught a wobble, we held our breath, he recovered. Would he make it? He soldiered on. Unfortunately he tipped over near the turn boy, so floundered his way back to shore where his Mum was waiting with a big warm towel. 


Next up is the Dash & Crash K1 & K2.  All sholarships essay writer are subject to satisfactory progress by students

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