Been waking up the last couple of mornings thinking I ‘m in Cape Town and its winter. Whats with this pathetic drizzle smizzle, get rid of the fellow doing a horrid imitation of the rain dance and lets get the real thing. A couple of A-grade JHB highveld thunderstorms is all we are asking for.

Mind you, this is perfect weather to train in. The coolness aids in the recovery process, not sweating profusely during training, draining the body. Nkosi, Tom and Eric are stoked to have finished writing matric exams, nervous for the results but chuffed now not to have to miss training.

There was no racing this weekend,  so the guys did a productive paddle/run session at Nagle Dam. We were honoured to have the ‘Pope’ join us. It boggles my mind to think that Graeme is taking on his 45th consecutive Dusi, absolutely phenomenal.

I feel the success of the Academy is going to be determined by the guys river skills, not their fitness levels which are improving exponentially. If there is no rain soon, we will do some of our training runs along the Dusi River where I can point out the various rapids etc…

               [Clubhouse/boat storage]                                                             [Organised Chaos]

Their clubhouse(non existent)/boat storage is an all in one setup. They use a 48 foot container, where all the boats used to be piled on top of each other – organised chaos. I couldn’t imagine adding my ten new boats to the hornets nest. With that, Lance Chapman (Tegs Timber in Maritzburg ) kindly donated 50 metres of wood with which we built a rack system to store the canoes. Much appreciated, thank you.

                  [Rear rack complete] 

                  [building front rack]

                                                                                                     [back and front rack completed]

 Weekend approaching is the 50 Miler. Day 1 starts below Maze, ends below Marianney-Foley. Day 2 continues from there to the Inanda Dam (Msinsi) overnite stop. With the Henley Dam release this should not be missed by any Dusi wannabe. Campus 10300 399 samsen road bangkok 10300 thailand backnext the numbers, stats, stars and college term paper writing rankings data are provided by qs intelligence unit

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