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Seven PB’s (personal bests) were obtained in our regular Wednesday running time trial down at Nagle Dam yesterday afternoon. Its a beautiful course, mostly on single track, that circumnavigates the Dam (Durbans drinking water). With the cold rainy weather I was super impressed with the 22 strong turnout, knowing that they had to walk from home and will still have to walk back afterwards in the dark. Everyday I am humbled by their raw dedication and for what…? They don’t get paid for this and majority won’t even get prize money from racing. They do it becaus they love it, want to improve themselves and ‘because they can’.

Before we started, it was such a treat to hand over ten HI-TEC trail shoes (V-Lite Trail Eruption) to my most promising Dusi athletes. The look on their faces when I called them forward was ‘priceless’, smile from ear to ear. I still have another five pairs to give to the potential eighteen guys remaining. Skhumbuso always runs barefoot. Watching him pronk like a Springbuck taking his first few steps in his new shoes was hilarious. Mbetje has to come 7km to get to Nagle, he starts the time trial dripping sweat as he only gets off work at 4.30pm, so its a hard run to make the 5pm start.

Last weeks start (above pic)                                                This weeks start (above pic)

Lucas (left pic) has the fastest time for the run. He has been an incredible workhorse since the program started two months ago. He is Bungi’s best friend.

From the generous sponsorship of shoes and sandals from HI-TEC, we down here in the Valley of a Thousand Hills have officially named our Wednesday run – the ‘HI-TEC running time trial’. And essay link it works really well because we like to bring people in as a group

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  • Desiree:

    Hi Mart so heart warming to see these pics. Enjoying the web site ,happy birthday for 29 Nov. Luv Desiree and Sean ( who are surfing the web together at the moment)

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