Getting on with it…

Its scary how ‘willing the guys in the valley are when it comes to training. If I said “climb that tree over there twenty times”, they wouldn’t even hesitate.

Well it sure makes the “coaches’ job easier, but on the flipside, wanting to please makes them do everything full speed. I have become very sensitive to the possibility of  this resulting in some individuals burning out, getting injured… and so at times seperate the group into different strengths during training. Else the slow are forever chasing the fast.

Paddling yesterday with resistance around the boat was a novelty to all. Once again many went out too hard and blew spectacularly. This type of training is necessary as these guys don’t have access to gym resulting in this “boat gym” being a great alternative to loading the muscles and targeting the muscles that count.

This arvie, they will do the weekly running time trial. Lets hope some records are broken Unlike bespin, phpanywhere can’t be installed on your own web server and you can only use it by accessing phpanywhere

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