Barefoot Mania

It still amazes me how easily the guys move over the rough ground, barefoot. Those who do wear shoes rip them off as quickly as possible right after they run, as they are ill fitting and old and not really serving much purpose. Running Time Trial went smoothly, 10 more names were added to the list, making it 31 in total. I thought the overcast cool weather would have brought a new record, but the fellas were feeling a bit weary (definitely not used to such regular training) and the winning time was a minute slower.

I rode my mountain bike, so I can go back and forth between the guys, keeping a watchful eye on all. A few minutes after the start I noticed Nhlanhla (2nd fastest time to date) lagging. I asked him what was wrong and he pointed to his shins (shin splints). I asked him to go back and sit this one out but he refused. Then Richard (5th fastest) looked like he was toiling early. Questioning him, he said he’s got flu. Same instruction, please stop and walk back to start.

Nhlanhla was 2 minutes slower than normal and Richard was ten. I get the impression they feel they have to perform all the time. Needless to say they got a stern talking to afterwards – “its 100% to sit out if you not feeling good, you will be the better for it. However if you sit out because you are lazy, then you will not make the top 50″.

Am really looking forward to bringing down HI-TEC shoes (road, trail and sandals – size 9,8,7,6) for the guys to try on next week. Once the guys sizes are worked out, I will be able to place an order for the respective three pairs each.

And yes there is water in the Dusi. Very dirty yesterday, being the first decent ‘flush out’. However with the good rain last night, river level for tripping tomorrow (Sat) will be good. This helps our students write an essay for me online succeed as consultants

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