Amazing Racing…

The Hi-Q Midmar Mini Marathon (paddle/run/paddle/run/paddle/run/paddle), is the perfect training to do for Dusi, seeing that there is no water for tripping on the River at the moment. Wenn du, muckl, dich ein bisschen zu mollig fühlst, essay über freiheit dann nimm ab. Hindered with  a running injury I had to sit this one out, however I had a great day watching the boys perform. I followed the race in my K1, taking photos along the way. It was good to witness the inexperienced tactical blunders the guys made, from poor manoevres on the bunch to emptying their boats at the start of portages. .

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  • Barry Lewin:

    Hey. Great to see the results are coming. Hard work always pays off so keep it up. Would love to have the academy doods down to the beach for a surfski day out if there is no water in the rivers. Drop me a line at when you get a chance. Barry

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